V!deo Production


Whatever video I create, I create it with passion. Created by soul and heart, my video production will visualize any idea you have, no matter how non-standard it is! I will visit you, listen to you, guide and help you, further develop and upgrade your idea so you will get a satisfying and completed video product which will show you or your business to the world. (it will be your business card to the world).

I have my own video filming equipment, drones, tripods, sliders, gimbals, lighting, microphones and more. This is a great advantage because there is no need to rent equipment or subcontract, which will further increase the cost and slow down the video production.

How do we do it?

I start creating your video from the very idea, storytelling, screenwriting, storyboarding, scheduling, and self-recording to video and audio processing and editing.
Throughout this process, I will communicate with you without unnecessary technical terms until we reach the final and desired product together.

What do I do? What can I offer you?

• Music videos
• Advertising videos
• Interviews
• Short Films
• Corporate videos
• Green Screen Capture
• Presentations
• Screen Saver logo
• Motion graphics and animations
• Video editing
• Video Processing (Cutting, Conventing, etc.)
• Color treatment
• Color adjustments
• Audio recording and processing
• Voice over
• Idea
• Story
• Script
• Storyboard
• Directing
• Planning
• Retraining for shooting

Video production is a very broad term when it comes to pricing. The cost of a video product is estimated on the number of hours it takes to record, edit, select and process video material, the number of staff, the equipment and techniques used, the adjustments made to the video and the time it takes. Therefore the cost of creating a video product depends entirely on the customer and the available capital. Our job as specialists is to create your video production based on any reasonable budget.



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